Embark for the Channel Islands and disembark in England...or almost!

An exotic getaway

Five islands, each with its own character and customs, make up the Norman archipelago. Only a few miles from the coast of La Hague, they can be seen on the horizon. It is at Diélette or Carteret that you embark for a fast crossing to these Anglo-Norman islands. Once there, you will be seduced by the beauty of the landscapes, the British atmosphere that reigns there, but also by the tranquility and traditions specific to each of these islands.

Jersey - The largest of the islands

Capital of the island and... shopping in a Victorian atmosphere!

Medieval fortress overlooking the bay of Gorey.

Island of flowers, island of gardens, numerous, varied and exuberant.

Extraordinary variety of landscapes, beaches, coastal paths...

Columns with images

Jersey's unique history shaped over the centuries.

A traditional and not-to-be-missed diversions at the end of the day.

Small country lanes and villages with British charm.

Taste the local flavours between dairy products and seafood.

Guernsey, the island that bewitched Victor Hugo

With its rows of houses flowing down to the harbour and its terraced gardens.

Victor Hugo's house during his exile, "entirely out of contemplation".

Dunes and sandy beaches, coves, rustic harbours and cliff paths

Norman culinary heritage and British traditions for a typical mix.

Alderney, Sark, Herm, the Ecrehou, other nuggets to discover

Valleys and vast bays of white sand. Beautiful!

Wild and timeless. Fascinating!

Idyllic beaches away from the world. The island of paradise!

A string of islets frequented by seals and dolphins.