The Normandy Landing

Operation Overlord of 6 June 1944

La Manche, department in charge of history, is a place of memory. On 6 June 1944, during the Second World War,more than 150,000 soldiers landed onthe beaches. 133,000 by sea and 23,000 by air, 13,000 American paratroopers on Utah and 10,000 British between the Orne and the Dives. The Battle of Normandy begins.

Traces the major role played by Cherbourg - the first liberated port - in the Reconquest.

Visit of the fortifications dug under the fort du Roule to protect the harbour of Cherbourg

In Sainte Mère Eglise, the airborne troops museum to experience the events of D-Day.

Important fortification of the Atlantic Wall responsible for protecting the beaches of the east coast of the Cotentin.

The emblematic city at the heart of the parachute drops that opened the Way of Freedom.

The most strategically important of the five D-Day beaches.

Built on the same spot where American troops landed. B26 bomber.

The terrible battle of the hedges that followed the landing involving civilians and soldiers.

Memorial dedicated to the airborne troops with 3D immersion in a historical place.

Stigmata of the terrible battle for this strategic point of the Atlantic Wall.

Impressive and very moving place of memory where 9387 soldiers are buried.

also called 'Bloody Omaha'. Museum with numerous re-enactments.