Ideally located on the former municipality of La Glacerie, just a few minutes from Cherbourg-en-Cotentin city center, the Fieffe Manor House allows you to enjoy the quietness of the countryside and the closeness from the harbour, the Cité de la Mer, restaurants , shops and beaches.

To accomodate its guests, this 16th century house boasts  two suites, a huge bedroom and a self cattering cottage. Breakfast is served on the ground floor in a fine dining room lit by the morning sun . It leads to a comfortable library which invites you to read newspapers , novels , short stories , botanical books and magazines…


The Fieffe Manor House, in the heart of Normandy changed hands in Spring 2012. Emmanuel de La Fonchais and Michel Niciejewski have combined their talents to make this mansion a haven of serenity and its garden a meeting place for botanical discovery lovers.

Before settling , Emmanuel ran a rare plant nursery between Rouen and Dieppe especially renowned for its huge range of hydrangeas. His passion for plants leads him today to North Cotentin, an area favourable to the creation of the botanical garden of his dreams.

The mildness of the climate close to the one in the Anglo Norman islands allows him to contemplate adapting plants rarely grown in France .
In a few years the 4 hectares will shelter a magnificent arboretum which will be an additional appeal for this place.

After working a great number of years for members of Parliament ( Parliament assistant and cabinet director ), Michel has decided to give free rein to his taste for this beauthiful house and the thoughtful welcome of his guests . Besides creating this activity in a manor house older than 450 years satisfies his passion for history.


The Fieffe Manor House in La Glacerie

La Glacerie owes its name to the presence of a royal factory in the area (1667 - 1834) . It provided the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles with mirrors.


The history of the Fieffe Manor House is linked to the Ravalet château also known as the Tourlaville château. The two buildings were built around 1560 by Jean II de Ravalet, a leading figure of the Tourlaville Lords. Jean was the eldest of the family and he was granted the office of commendatory abbot of Hambye when he was 12 years old as a reward for his father’s services to King Charles IX during the wars of La Ligue. He became the Vicar-general of the Coutances bishop , a canon and great precentor in the cathedral. As a humanist he contributed to the influence of the Coutances College with his money.

From the 16th century to the middle of the 19 th century the Fieffe Manor House had the same owners as the  château of Tourlaville. Then held from the Fouquet de Reville to the Clerel de Tocqueville, the Fieffe was sold by Alexis de Tocqueville the famous political thinker on February 1st 1838 to two brothers Antoine and François-Pierre from Cherbourg .

Their descendants sold the property again to some Aimable Huet , and one of his children, abbot Joseph Huet, became a curate in the Coutances cathedral. He carried out the extension of the manor respecting the original architecture of the building.So the two abbots marked the history of la Fieffe with a 3 centuries’interval .

Admiral Lemonnier, a rear admiral in the Navy during World War II inherited the estate. After fulfilling the highest offices this exceptional soldier retired to la Fieffe where he died in 1963.

Guests front door - The Fieffe Manor House

Le Manoir de la Fieffe

La Fieffe

La Glacerie

50470 Cherbourg-en-Cotentin


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